About Us

The J in J Woodford Family Funeral Service stands for me, John Woodford. We are a truly independent funeral service, owned and run by myself, my wife Gail, son Jack and brother-in-law, Jeremy. It’s a family business.

I joined the funeral profession in 1982, working for an independent funeral service in Guildford. Gail and I both qualified as funeral directors, obtaining the National Association of Funeral Directors’ Diploma in 1988, and working together for many years before Gail decided to pursue a career in the law, specialising in Wills and Probate. We have lived and worked in Guildford and Cranleigh for many years, and are well known as part of the local community.

Being a truly independent funeral service means we can offer a personal, responsive and flexible service which is completely discreet and professional. Never before have there been so many ways to commemorate the passing of a loved one and we consider ourselves to be privileged to advise, guide and support our clients through the various options available to them at what is always a very difficult time.